#3745 "Cibolo" Cross Body in American Bison. Color: "Comanche" Brown 2 exterior zip compartments. Dimensions: 8" H x 12 " L x 2" D


#3745 "Cibolo" Cross Body American Bison. Color "Comanche" Brown 2 exterior zip compartments with slide in area between the 2 compartments - Dimensions: 8" H x 12 " L x 2" D

Custom Tanned Shrunken Grain procedure.

Also available in Black Cobblestone, Cinnamon Cobblestone and Antique Mahogany. Please indicate which of these options you would like during checkout or see their separate pages on the website.

Custom tanned with a costly proprietary procedure. Our American Bison hides base cost is often 2 times per square foot that of top grain, premium grade cattle hides. This amazing little bag uses as much American Bison square footage as some of our tote bags.

Slide-in pocket located in the center separating the 2 compartments

North American Bridle Leather adjustable 54 inch shoulder strap. Custom antique brass hardware and YKK zippers

Dimensions: 8" H x 12 " L x 2" D

Cross-body Shoulder Strap: 54" Length adjustable and detachable

Note: These women's  bags in American Bison are from our new:

"Cibolo" - American Bison Collection. "Cibolo" was the name for Bison aka Buffalo when the Spanish first explored Texas and New Mexico in the early 1600's. Later on, the Americans who became "Texans" used this same descriptive word.

Many creeks in Texas are named "Cibolo" signifying a watering hole for the American Buffalo/Bison in early Texas.  In fact, the Loma Vista Ranch in South Texas not far from the Mexican border has a "Cibolo" Creek running through it.

These bags are made with our same unique Buffalo/Bison hides, but feature a natural, raw 100% American Bison interior highlighted by an interior pocket using the same 100% Buffalo as the exterior of the bag. 

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