Retailer - Herd Wear June 26 2018

Herd Wear - Billboard Hwy 287 on the way to Goodnight, Texas - Armstrong County - East of Amarillo, Texas  

Our Featured Retailer - Herd Wear - Goodnight, Texas is a significant participant in the National Bison Association - Summer Conference - June 27-29 2018  in Kansas City. They will be showing our Loma Vista of Texas American Buffalo/Bison Leather Goods Collection for the first time at the NBA Conference.

2018 Houston Rodeo Mini Catalog - page 3 - products

Some of the Loma Vista products to be offered shown above:

Herd Wear Store seen from US Hwy 287

Herd Wear Retail Store - View from US Highway 287 - Goodnight, Texas

 Herd Wear Parking Entrance

Parking Entrance - Herd Wear Retail Store

Herd Wear Retail Store - Front Entrance

Main Entrance to the Herd Wear Store

 External Side View of the Herd Wear Store in Goodnight, Texas

External Side View of the Herd Wear Store