#3000 "Cibolo" Comanche Brown American Bison Large Tote, Snap Closure. Dimensions: 13.5" H x 17" L x 6" D


#3000 "Cibolo" Tote Bag (Large) - Comanche Brown. Heirloom American Buffalo (Bison) Collection. "Vintage", tanned with our unique  shrunken grain process. No two hides used to make your bag will be exactly alike! Snap Closure. 4 antique brass bag feet.

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American Bison Tote Bag with rich American Bridle Leather shoulder straps with our unique teardrop floral signature piece.

100% authentic Bison/Buffalo, the same as the  exterior of the bag is used for the interior Pocket with zipper closure,  and large cell phone holder/drop in slot. Antique Brass Bag Feet for added protection and appearance are a further feature of these totes.

Drop: 9"

Dimensions: 13.5" H x 17" L x 6" D

This is the #3000 Tote bag with a antique brass snap closure version  

Also available in "Cinnamon Cobblestone" and "Black Cobblestone".

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Cibolo - American Bison Collection. "Cibolo" was one of the American Indian names for Bison aka Buffalo when the Spanish first explored Texas and New Mexico.

Many creeks in Texas are named "Cibolo" signifying a watering hole for the American Buffalo/Bison in early Texas.  In fact, the Loma Vista Ranch in South Texas not far from the Mexican border has a "Cibolo" Creek running through it.

These bags are made with our same unique Buffalo/Bison hides, but feature a natural, raw 100% American Bison interior highlighted by an interior pocket using the same 100% Buffalo as the exterior of the bag.  

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Cibolo - American Bison Collection from Loma Vista of Texas - Bison "In the raw" interiors



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